Environmental Business Development Manager

Mississauga, ON

Our client in Mississauga/Toronto, Ontario is looking for an Environmental Director of Business development to join their team!

Duties and Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

•    Work with executive to set profit objectives
•    Create and implement action plans, and conduct analysis of results
•    Daily management of the support services
•    Provide hands on support and guidance to the staff within the office

Business Development Initiatives will include:

•    Oversee market research, developing and implementing strategies and plans which identify marketing opportunities in specific geographical areas, sectors and niches.
•    Supervise RFP process and protocol, including targeting desirable prospective clients; oversee RFP writing; and participate in presentations, when required.
•    Develop new and established contacts in the business community with a view of understanding the competitive landscape and identifying opportunities.
•    Continually identify and present strategies/ideas/initiatives to improve existing services/processes and deliver new areas of expertise.
•    Establish marketing/business development budgets and performing regular reviews and analysis.

Client Care Activities will include:

•    Provide leadership to strengthen current client relationships and support client retention through enhancement, development and analysis of activities.
•    Managing development, implementation and continuous improvements of the CRM, ensuring alignment with strategic goals.
•    Developing, implementing and communicating client satisfaction feedback.
•    Designing and implementing ongoing client activities, including special events.

Communication of Initiatives and Activities will include:

•    Working with Project Managers and Executives to manage the preparation and delivery of all external printed communications including editorial writing, publication management, layout and design of all sales and marketing materials.
•    Developing and implementing effective advertising strategy and budget; evaluating company requests for advertising/sponsorship; overseeing production of materials.
•    Planning and managing the company’s regular presence at and/or sponsorship of industry events, trade shows, seminars, conferences, speaking engagements, business development entertainment activities; and submission of articles to relevant publications, ensuring execution in accordance with firm goals/standards and within budget constraints.
•    Developing and managing online presence, including continuous updating and monitoring of web site content and design and social media.
•    Developing and managing all electronic communication to clients, including e-newsletters, announcements, etc.
•    Maintaining relevant knowledge base of industry trends and players through regular interaction with peers and clients; and surveys of relevant publications.

Maintaining Company Profile in the Industry will include:

•    Regular attendance at conferences or other forum to keep abreast of trends in the industry.
•    Regular interaction with clients and industry peers to seek opportunities for marketing our services.
•    Constantly thinking of ways to improve existing services/processes and new areas of expertise that can be offered.

Development of Proposals will include:

•    Oversight of proposal development activities; tracking actions and completion dates.
•    Development of proposal content -with the exception of technical and pricing sections and sections requiring subject matter experts.
•    Ensuring proposal designs are consistent with corporate templates. Ensuring all content, photographs, and diagrams are relevant.
•    Participate in and ensure quality assurance activities; review materials for consistent style and readability. Ensures review of own work by a second reviewer.

Required Skills and Attributes will include:

•    Strong understanding of business principles and ethics.
•    Ability to exercise good judgment, and demonstrated initiative and professionalism.
•    Proven ability to set priorities, manage multiple responsibilities and meet timelines.
•    Strong organizational, interpersonal, problem-solving and decision making skills.
•    High level of attention to detail and excellent follow-up skills.
•    Self-motivated; demonstrates high energy and enthusiasm.
•    Maintains confidentiality and the company’s interests at all times.
•    Strong written/verbal communications, and presentation skills- demonstrates the ability to present recommendations, relevant training and information effectively to staff.
•    General to advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Programs.


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