Job Title Operations Manager - Process Chemical

Operations Manager - Process ChemicalIndustrial
Lethbridge, Alberta
Are you an Operations Manager from Lethbridge, Alberta or looking to relocate to the area? Are you a leader who strives to produce quality products while maintaining employee safety? If yes, this may be the position for you!

Scope of Responsibility and Impact of Results:

• The Manager is responsible for all aspects of management of the Processing Department and resources including: employee health, safety and training, housekeeping, food safety, product quality, processing effectiveness, cost control and the continuous improvement of all aspects of the operation including: Seed Receiving/Cleaning, Crushing/Extraction, Protein Complex and Refinery.
• The Manager must utilize the management team to effectively manage all aspects of Operations and coordinate production to facilitate Sales & Marketing plan.
• The Manager must ensure that all departmental procedures, processes and operations are implemented to the standards required by the Company's Food Safety Quality Management System in a fair and consistent manner and facilitate and/or participate in H&S/Environmental, Incident reporting, Training and Capital Projects.
• The Manager is responsible to provide leadership to the Oilseed Processing Division through the identification of annual goals and objectives; the development of strategies and action plans to meet those goals and objectives, the measurement of key performance indicators: and effective communication and feedback to employees regarding these issues.

The relevance and importance of this individual's activities in contributing to quality and safety is effective management and control of department resources to support the Division goals and objectives including the continuous improvement of all aspects of the business, the monitoring of key performance indicators, and the effective communication of such business information.

Duties and Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to the following major activities:

Activity A: Manage All Aspects of the Oilseed Processing Production Department Operation:
1. Participate in and drive health and safety initiatives and reinforce the need for safety to be the top priority for Oilseed Processing.
2. Monitor housekeeping and its effectiveness and work with Oilseed Processing departments to keep this improving.
3. Develop, implement and monitor Division operational plans, budgets and reports with Administrative support.
4. Ensure communication on safety objectives, stats and corrective actions are implemented with all department employees.
5. Manage and optimize production efficiencies providing information to and receiving information from Production Planning.
6. Ensure quality standards and operational parameters are met in all departments.
7. Ensure daily safety, quality and production standards are met.
8. Provide advice and support, and direction where required, to the Operations Supervisors with respect to the effective implementation of daily shift schedules.
9. Liaise with Quality Assurance, Maintenance and Engineering for improvement of quality, food safety, equipment reliability, capital project requirements and to update technological processes.
10. Lead, testing and trial runs on new operating materials.
11. Work with production analyst to ensure adequate production materials/supplies and to maintain sufficient inventories.
12. Develop strategies to improve equipment reliability and new technologies.
13. Ensure Company Policy and departmental Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Forms and Work Aids are developed, implemented, enforced and reviewed.
14. Ensure completion of Incident Reporting and Investigation and follow-up actions within direct control are completed in a timely manner.
15. Participate in capital planning and budgeting meetings to ensure, health & safety, wellness, environmental and quality objectives are addressed.
16. Other duties as assigned.

Activity B: Provide effective leadership to the Oilseed Processing Division.
1. Lead the process to develop annual goals and objectives for the Division that are consistent with and support the stated Company goals and objectives. Develop strategies and action plans to meet these goals and objectives and monitor performance through the measurement of key performance indicators.
2. Provide leadership for supervisors, operator, contractors and vendors in the development, implementation and start-up of all projects in the manufacturing department.
3. Provide direction to Division management staff regarding assigned tasks and performance expectations through the use of clear job descriptions, regular performance conversations, coaching, team meetings and business reviews.
4. Monitor daily shift reports, absentee reports, vacations reports, overtime allocation, recognition and progressive discipline, etc.. to ensure supervision and management of unionized staff is consistent with Company Policy and in accordance with the current Collective Agreement.
5. Establish effective communication channels in the Division and provide opportunities for employee discussion and feedback.
6. Train or organize training for employees on the function of new equipment, processes and systems
7. Develop a multi-skilled Oilseed Processing Management team and unionized production teams; provide opportunities for development and training of all staff, and ensure all established training procedures are followed and documented.

Activity C: Make a positive contribution to the continuous improvement of all aspects of the Oilseed Processing Division, including employee safety, housekeeping, food safety, quality, production effectiveness and costs.
1. Chair and actively participate at the Oilseed Processing Health and Safety Committee. Provide administrative resources to support work on the committee.
2. Actively participate in other committees, teams and working groups as assigned (e.g. Production Meetings, Maintenance, etc).
3. Participate in the annual shutdown through planning, organizing all operational actuaries and staff.
4. Assess operations equipment and systems for improvement on an annual basis. Provide recommendations to direct report before annual shutdown.
5. Lead, implement and/or coordinate departmental problem solving and optimization to increase productivity.
6. Participate in Health and Safety committee meetings. Ensure corrective actions and follow-up on all incidents and inspection reports
7. Work on process efficiencies to reduce materials and waste.
8. Ensure recognition for individuals, teams, and departments is received and communicated.

Activity D: Adhere to all prescribed Regulatory and Company requirements for Occupational Health and Safety, ISO 22000 Food Safety, HACCP, Sanitation and GMP's.
1. Use required Personal Protective Equipment.
2. Wear required uniform when required.
3. Keep work areas clean and tidy.
4. Report all injuries and incidents including close calls.
5. Complete all required documentation as required by the Food Safety Management System.

The Idea Candidate will have the following ideal skills and qualifications:

• Grade 12 minimum.
• Chemical Engineering degree would be an asset.
• Minimum post-secondary degree or 5 years operational management experience at the supervisory level,
• PLC understanding and strong computer skills required.
• Supervisory experience in all areas of Manufacturing would be an asset
• Experience with employee health and safety programs essential, exposure to programs/systems like ISO, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing an asset
• Must be fluent in the English language and an effective communicator with the ability to lead and chair meetings, present ideas and concepts in a logical manner to a wide range of audiences, negotiate, provide one-on-one coaching, conduct conflict resolution meetings and disciplinary meetings.
• Must be able to demonstrate the ability to motivate individuals and teams. Exposure to coaching and mentoring is advantageous.
• Must be able to analyze processes, drawing and data and apply logic to solve complex problems. Should be able to demonstrate good judgment and sound decision making skills to be able to set priorities, implement action plans and meet timelines.
• Must be able to demonstrate a general knowledge of computer management systems, financial reporting, health and safety legislation and collective bargaining.
• Must have moderate to excellent computer skills.

Operations Manager, Food Manufacturing, ISO, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing