Job Title Talent Specialist - AKA "Master Relationship Broker"

2017/08/22Business Services
Talent Specialist - AKA "Master Relationship Broker"
London, OntarioBusiness, Engineering or Degree of Life

WANTED: TALENT EVANGELIST (/ˈtalənt/ əˈvanjələst/)

Noun (Supernatural Recruitment Professional)


A fanatical inside sales and relationship consultant with superior communication, negotiation and results focused skills.


A tenacious and self-motivated, outbound sales consultant with a fearless phone demeanour, to build both short and long term recruitment relationships with leading technical talent, for top tier career opportunities.


A socio-emotionally intelligent professional capable of building nearly instant rapport and trust with candidates (i.e. buyers) fearful of changing careers who can help them work through their concerns and problems for mutually shared benefits and outcomes.


• A professional and relationship driven role to connect and communicate with key talent (candidates) to introduce the possibility of a career change with prospects who are gainfully employed
• Manage and coordinate at times complex professional relationships with intelligent, analytical and career minded engineering and technical people in the industries we specialize in
• Multitasking to assure efficient desk activity with the ability to maximize key priorities and tasks to exceed daily metrics expectations and milestones
• Strive to master problem based solutions selling by earning trust and building rapport with candidates and clients in the pursuit of win-win results
• Inherent desire to embrace ongoing and continuous skills based training and coaching development
• Participate in an inclusive and transparent corporate culture with a profound emphasis on team driven collaboration and deliverables
• The ability to embrace mundane and repetitive actions (outbound dials, data mining) in the pursuit of higher level goals and benchmarks
• Generate and influence trust based relationships where your guiding values are in the best interests of the candidates and clients you are servicing
• The ability to apply and infuse analytical, technical, social and emotional intelligence into meaningful dialogue where career change is proposed or being considered
• You will work 44 weekly hours, Friday afternoons off with paid 1 hour lunches (Mon-Thurs), frequent breaks throughout the work day, and when necessary work beyond normal business hours to deliver results. Paid overtime to boot.
• 3 month contract to start with a competitive hourly rate, vacation and statutory holiday paid.
• If hired permanently a competitive base salary, 6 month and annual performance and compensation reviews, co-paid group health benefits, cell phone subsidy, subsidized parking, free lunches, industry leading commission and bonus structure, leadership opportunities, central downtown location, engaging team and work culture, play days and outings to foster team and tribal spirit.


• University level degree or college level diploma preferably in analytical and complex sciences i.e. computer science, software development, mathematics, engineering OR
• University level degree or college level diploma in organizational psychology, social work, human resources, sales and marketing, journalism
• Minimum of 1 year of real world experience in a customer facing, sales or marketing, inbound or outbound marketing or math/science related field
• Superior communication skills, both verbal, written, ability and desire to meet or greet new people and build rapport and trust, extreme resilience to rejection and highly tuned problem solving skills as it pertains to understanding people and buying decisions
• Results oriented closer, will do what it takes to deliver on and exceed expectations
• Articulate, social and emotional skills mastery
• The ability to tell a great story and captivate an audience while doing so
• Demonstrated ability or traits representing the following: Intelligence, Problem Solving, Coachability, Communication/Listening, Curiosity, Work Ethic, Persistence and Determination, Team Play
• Other Qualities – GAS (Give A Sh*t) and Figure It Out Factors (FIOF), people who have a clear understanding and a burning desire to understand, apply and do whatever and whenever it takes (WWIT) to deliver results and care about the work they are doing


We are dead set on making a positive impact on the recruitment landscape within the Engineering and Technical verticals for clients and employers who value us as much as we value them. Our objective is to strategically grow our firm to absolutely dominate the Engineering and Technical recruitment market. By hiring and grooming the best recruiters for our firm we can then translate this competency and capability to our candidates and clients to be embraced as trusted advisors, subject matter experts and the leading authority on technical recruitment…period.


We are a 16+ year firm that has carved and imprinted our firm on employers of all shapes and sizes who hire engineering, technical professionals and talent across North America. We are an ambitious, collaborative, open, honest, fun, dedicated and internally driven group of people who give our daily best to each other and the clients we service.

We are creative thought leaders who champion innovation, change and finding and delivering solutions to other people’s problems. We have been turning the recruitment industry on its head by transforming the perception and perspective that candidates and employers see “headhunters” as mere commission driven sales people.

Our investment in our people consisting of continuous learning and training, real time feedback, tools and resources to equip our team through an enterprise wide approach of cultivating the best of breed or class exemplifies the cornerstone of “what sets us apart”. We won’t let you down as long as you want to lift yourself up and have an overwhelming desire to help people and yourself succeed!


We are looking to hire the right tribe members, for mutual best fit, so timing is relative to this higher pursuit.


We are based in downtown London, close to shops, restaurants and centralized for commuting and accessibility with a myriad of transit and lifestyle options.


Entirely up to you, email, upload your resume on our site, but if you know a thing or two about selling, you may already know what the best approach might be to get noticed (hint hint).