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At the core of our company and what truly defines the success and reputation of PHM are our highly qualified TALENT SPECIALISTS.

At PHM we believe that the sum of the whole is indeed greater than its individual parts, not surprisingly TEAM is at the core and heart of our work mantra.

The collective abilities of our dynamic, intelligent, socially diverse and people-centric consultants in conjunction with a common vision to go that extra mile for our candidates and clients alike is ultimately at the cornerstone of our recruitment culture. 

Located out of a bright and open, centrally located downtown office in the beautiful and vibrant city of London, Ontario, Canada, since 2001 PHM has grown to become a leading search agency within the consulting and design build engineering and technical search disciplines.  

We are flattered and humbled by our candidates and clients who praise us for being “different” than other search firms.  This distinction fuels us to continually strive to improve and deliver ongoing levels of superior service for our candidates and clients.

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